Sunrise Cruise

The limited time Sunrise Cruise runs 2 hours and is $220 per cruise (not per person).  All of our cruises have a US Coast Guard 6 passenger maximum limit.  Passengers of all ages count towards the limit.  Please call us at 772-361-2968 to check on extended cruise times or special pick up locations.

Finally....a cruise for early risers! Depart Shepard Park, head southeast towards the St. Lucie Inlet and watch the sunrise from the water.  The tranquility and peace of being on the water in the early morning is something you don't want to miss.

River wildlife is usually more active as the sun is coming up and they start to feed.  Included with this cruise is a stop at the St. Lucie Inlet Preserve State Park - a hidden gem here on the Treasure Coast because it can only be accessed by boat.

Bring any food or drinks you'd like to celebrate the start of a new day and all the beauty and hope that comes with it.

You'll never look at a sunrise the same way again!