After working for tour and cruise companies both locally, and in other parts of the state, we are really excited to be launching our own venture here at home!

Both of us are passionate about the wildlife and the beauty of the area; our goal is to share what we both know — there is always something amazing to see!

Meet Team TCRC

Captain Bill grew up on the water. He traveled the ocean in a submarine for six years while in the Navy and moved to this area soon after. Captain Bill holds a US Coast Guard Master Captain’s license. He is also literally a walking encyclopedia of information regarding wildlife; he can spot and identify wildlife in an instant. He enjoys spearfishing, scuba, kayaking and mountain biking. He also has a quick sense of humor!

Caroline also grew up on the water. She has lived near the coast her entire life between Florida, North Carolina and New York. Caroline manages the business end of things, while Captain Bill drives the boat. She worked in hospitality management for twenty years before beginning a new career, teaching middle school. She likes ocean kayaking, and mountain biking.

Katie is our first mate. She grew up in a boating family and loves this area. Katie is one of the nicest people we know and we are glad that she is able to work for us.

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